Mariana’s Melbourne mid century

Posted on Tue, 7 Aug 2007 by midcenturyjo

Mariana is a graphic artist/designer, currently studying interior decoration and design. This is her family home on Flickr. I first laid eyes on this fabulous house when Mariana commented on some of my Flickr photos. I’m so glad I clicked on over. Great mid century furniture, funky found objects, fifties sensibilities and amazing twig lamp shades fashioned by Mariana herself. Secretly I’m coveting her West German vases! Thanks for letting me share your home Mariana. I’d love to move in myself. I’m sure I’d feel right at home!

Anonymous says:

Damn, some slick home.. 🙂


kim. says:

I’m so glad you posted this because I have been through Mariana’s set several times in awe of her amazing collection of MCM stuff. (Although the twig light fixtures might be my favourites.) And how fun that she has a couple sets of kitchen cabinets in a different colour!!! Such a great idea!

Peggy says:

What a beautiful home! Love the twig lamps!

Anonymous says:

it’s me mariana! wow, thanks for blogging and your kinds words jo and to those who have commented. i am truely speechless. thank you.

Jessie says:

very cool!!!! My favorite thing about the house is the fact that you can see her own personal style!!! Its not cookie cutter interior design. She has done a wonderful job!!!!

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