Gari Camaisa

Posted on Wed, 8 Aug 2007 by KiM

I found an email in my inbox yesterday titled “SHAMELESS PLUG” and I had to laugh. I mean, why waste time beating around the bush? It was from Gari who wanted to show some of his interior design work for his firm Jugendstil Designs. After a quick peek at his Flickr photos, I was quite impressed and delighted to plug his work. The photos included modern, retro and traditional. He does it all…and does it REALLY WELL. I’ve included my favourites below, but there are many more photos here. (It seems I must really like Gari’s work – it appears I have posted his work once before).

Also, check out Edit Furnishings, the firm’s online furniture shop that carries the most incredible, drool-worthy mid-century chairs.

Wow! I love the style. Isn’t there something truly beautiful about a red chest in a front hall?

It’s wonderful to see such beautiful rooms with eclectic style. So many designers stick to one safe style, so I love it when someone’s not afraid to think outside the box.

Great work Gari! love the eclectic design and fabulous iconic chairs.

kim. says:

I have to say I can’t stop looking at all the incredible furniture in these photos. *sigh*.

Anonymous says:

thanks everyone! desire-to-inspire rocks! –gari

Jessie says:

~Chair Porn~ I love the last photo. You never see black and white interiors really.

Stewf says:

Love the photography and wares, but why is their site so blurry? Belies the quality therein.

Wow great job uncle gari! 🙂
im proud to say gari camaisa is my God father & a talented one at that! He must be who i get my great taste from!

kim. says:

LOL! Thanks for stopping by DJD!

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