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Posted on Sun, 12 Aug 2007 by KiM

I haven’t done a Flickr post in a long time and since Flickr is such a favourite site of mine, this post seems long overdue. Enjoy…and happy Sunday.

Thrift Store Addict Thrift Store Addict
Nylons and Cake chooseyourshoes
Isaspacey MissKittyKat
Accolady Accolady
srk1941 rookwood
dinoboy broken press
robertspeg blackholepress

I love it when you find all these flickr photos!

katiedid says:

Nice collection! I love the patio shot.:)

Peggy says:

Hey Kim, thanks for thanks for the shout out.

gretch0r says:

I feel like the last photo (blackholepress) is a subliminal ad for Allstate… Hehe…

kim. says:

gretch0r, you said exactly what i was thinking.

gretch0r says:

It wouldn’t be hard to just photoshop out the name… 🙂

lsaspacey says:

Awwww. I was just looking through and saw my sad little fringed velvet chair. Thanks for making it a star, if only for one day.


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