Betty Wasserman

Posted on Tue, 14 Aug 2007 by KiM

Betty Wasserman is about modernism and minimalism, with art playing a primary role. While focusing on design, she actually represents the work of over thirty artists, and has her own line of furniture. Seems she has all of her bases covered. Note the phenomenal lighting in the following photos.

julia says:

Gorgeous lighting.

Love the lighting! Lovely clean lines to the spaces.

Anonymous says:

she is a know disreputable designer in the industry. She gouges her clients, copies designer furniture, and never pays her vendors. She also skims from ALL sides (ddemands 30-40% commissions, free goods and materials, charges hourly and a percentage). I sincerely DO NOT recommend working with her! Her clients hate her at the end of all jobs and feel very cheated.

Both Kim and I believe that if you have such negative and potentially libelous comments to make that you should leave your name. From now on anonymous comments of this nature will be deleted. If you have the courage to stand by your comments you MUST leave a name.

Anonymous says:

Gorgeous. Does anyone know the creator of the seating group (top right)?

Anonymous says:

Betty is really “Shari”.
That says it all.

cristine says:

That women is a true nightmare

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