Mark Christofi

Posted on Thu, 16 Aug 2007 by KiM

Mark Christofi has been designing interiors for over 25 years and began his own firm (Mark Christofi Interiors) in 1995. He has “a fresh style that juxtaposes traditional and classical elements with unexpected contemporary accents”. Bold, a little off-the-wall whimsical and eclectic is what I make of the following photos from his portfolio…including one of the wackiest wall graphic paint techniques I’ve ever seen.

Really cool, i love the graphics on the wall!!!!

melissa says:

does the style of the table 5th photo down on the left have a name? it looks like a crazy ironing board!

kim. says:

Happy to hear most of you enjoy these photos as much as I do. 🙂 Melissa – I’m not sure what that style of table is called.

katiedid says:

I did a post on him awhile ago, but the publication did not use anywhere near this many photos! I love the rest of the place and think he is a fab designer! Thanks for the post!

I really love how he uses mirror on the walls.

orangred says:

the skull n cossbones fabric is an antique– 19th century? funerary…item, from his area…if i recall from Elle or somewhere, which makes it super neat i think….

Ooooooh orangred what a fabulous snipet of information. Love it even more now!

I just love this home!!! Thanks for posting all these images, so much more than the article I saw a few months back in H & G 🙂


orangered says:

H + G that is, gotta track down the issue…yes, thanks kim and Kate!
His home in the US North East…he said he finds inspiration strolling around a nearby lake with his dog.
Delicate AND bold…greatness!! (you’ve got me frothing again, your selection!)

kim. says:

You aren’t the only one frothing orangered.

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