Restaurants of NYC

Posted on Thu, 16 Aug 2007 by KiM

Thanks to Lena for sending me the link to photographer Noah Kalina’s site. This photographer is attempting to photograph every single restaurant in New York City…empty. And so far he’s done a spectacular job at capturing some beautiful and creative spaces around the city. You can imagine the doors opening and the spaces filling up with people out to enjoy wonderful meals and great company. If I didn’t want to go to NYC before, I sure do now! Please visit his website for MANY more stunning photos.

Bhavna says:

A table for two please… At any of these restaurants would be most welcome! 😉

katiedid says:

It is so fun to see these shots! I have the pleasure of designing reataurants too, so I love to see what’s happening out there!

melissa says:

ooh, do more spaces that aren’t neccisarily homes! so, cool!

drey says:

kim, jo!! I stumbled on that green dining space today! any chance of you dredging up more green dining rooms for me please? pretty please? 🙂

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