More from the 80s!

Posted on Fri, 17 Aug 2007 by midcenturyjo

Oh no I had to do it again. Drag up images from the decade that style forgot. Just look though. Not everything was foul! Images scanned from The Complete Home Decorator, Caroline Clifton-Mogg et al, Conran Octopus, London, 1985. Click to supersize the retro experience.

kim. says:

I don’t know about anyone else but the images in my head of decor in 1985 were WAY WORSE….these are all really great spaces! I LOVE that little bed nook…ALOT.

OK I’ll own up. I only choose the nice ones 🙂

erinn says:

I just recently got a whole bunch of Conran/Octopus books from the 80’s and 90’s out of our library. There were some rooms that were dated, but overall, the Conran books are very versatile and almost of a classic style which is why I love Terence Conran to this day and all the Conran publications. Very cool pics.

cardboard says:

Oooh, those are my Cesca chairs except that I have them in black (see second row, photo on right). And that flower bedding looks terribly familiar.

k_b says:

lol…I had that same comforter print! omG.

Anonymous says:

Once I read what cardboard and k_b commented about the flower bedding, I took a second look. I recognized that pattern. It was on the wallpaper in my step-sister’s bedroom.

I’m now wondering if it was particularly iconic of the 1980s like how the Cabbage Patch dolls are so 1980s.

Tallulah says:

omg, i used to own that very book! we used to have some of those plastic stacking mugs shown in the kitchen pic when i was a kid, too….ahh, memories.

ps, i love your blog – definitely very inspiring!


ah great display of pots and pans. love it!

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