Little Gorgeous Things

Posted on Sun, 19 Aug 2007 by KiM

My little sister just got back from a week in Cape Cod with her boyfriend and found a shop called Little Gorgeous Things that she thought I might want to post about. Something in this shop caught her eye….the furniture art of Johnny Swing. He uses all sorts of junk to make his pieces like glass jars, a footrest on a dentist’s chair, coinage and car windshields. The following are some of his wacky furniture…the first is his butterfly chair made from 1,500 half dollars and 7,000 welds. The second is his leather disc couch that utilizes remnants of Italian leather floor tiles (8,000 pieces of hardware). The third is his quarter chair made from approximately 1,200 quarters and the last is his tack chair, that he claims is so sturdy it’s “hurricane-proof”.

Talk about obsessive compulsive. Imagine finding all the pieces, sorting and welding. OMG! Is there a law about defacing money in your neck of the woods? Gotta love art.

I love the name of this store.

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