Little Paper Planes

Posted on Mon, 20 Aug 2007 by KiM

Kelly of Little Paper Planes wrote to tell me about the great art she sells at her online shop. She had just found Desire to Inspire today, and funny thing is I had just visited her online store this morning too. I think we might both have Grace of Design Sponge to thank for this coincidence. She posted a bloggers’ guide to online shopping this morning and Jo and I were happy to be a part of it. (Kelly’s store was part of another blogger’s list). So…back to Kelly. I’m including some of my favourite artwork available at her store below, but there’s also clothing, accessories, papergoods, jewelry and other fab items to check out. Thanks Kelly for distracting me from my Monday chores (I hate doing laundry).

thanks so much for the post!! xo, kelly

I’ve just got up here (early Tuesday morning here) and Grace’s guide is just great. Haven’t had a chance to click over to everything but Kelly’s site is amazing!!

I love these images, esp the bottom left and top right. Very whimsical.

Meighan says:

Finding so many great blogs and people lately… LOVE Desire to Inspire and thanks for sharing about Little Paper Planes…

kim. says:

Beautiful, colourful art Meighan… thanks for sharing!

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