Gotta love cranberry velvet

Posted on Thu, 23 Aug 2007 by KiM

OK, maybe some of you don’t care for cranberry velvet but when I saw this couch on Craigslist I had to have it. My boyfriend and his friend picked it up for me tonight. (Thanks guys!) It was advertised as a Bauhaus sofa but that term seems to be used so loosely I figured that meant the style was Bauhaus. Turns out it is actually made by Bauhaus because it’s printed all over the fabric under the seat cushions. I really have no idea what that means – if the $80 my boyfriend paid for this was a steal of the century or not. If anyone out there knows any details of Bauhaus furniture, please share…I’m very curious. (P.S. My green wall sadly will have to go.)

Porcelain says:

Oh it is fantastic!!! I’m a sucker for anything velvet!

Kiel says:

There is a Furniture Manufacturer that is still in business under the name bauhaus but has no relation to the design genious.

Kim – I love the sofa, and think its a great addition to your home.

– Kiel

Peggy says:

Great sofa! Love it. I actually don’t think your green wall has to go. Hmmm, unless you’re replacing it with teal.

I usually think of raspberry and turquoise together, but cranberry and teal together would work too, don’t you think?

eric says:

i love that sofa, looks so comfy.

i also love that you use a high table for your coffee table. no one ever does that and i think it looks so classy.

also, i support getting rid of the green wall. i’m a huge supporter of purple. how about some purple rain, kim?

Pri says:

I totally love the cranberry sofa! Wow!
I dont the green goes that well with your sofa, and I agree with eric on the purple..
Btw, I am from India. Gonna get married in 5 months & am totally loving putting together my new home.. So many ideas and inspirations! Your website has given me loads of ideas and you guys always post such awesome posts.. Thanks!

kim. says:

Thanks everybody! Chances are I will just paint out the green with white because we are looking to sell this house ASAP and white would just be best for resale. BORING I know. But I will keep your ideas in mind for the next house. Cranberry is a new colour for me to be working with so I will need the help.

Congrats Pri! (And I’m leaning towards purple as you and Eric mentionned – maybe with throw pillows for now)

I have this same couch in blue. from 1996. I got it at Robinsons May in California. Here is their site:

I don’t think Paul Klee would like this couch much 🙂

kim. says:

Not that I bought this couch for any other reason than it being cranberry velvet, but what you’re saying is this couch is worth nothing and isn’t even retro. It’s from the freaking 90’s. That’s funny. And no, Paul Klee probably wouldn’t like the association (had to google him). Thanks John!

Anonymous says:

$80 is still an incredible steal! Love the velvet sofa! I haven’t seen anything like this on Craigslist in San Francisco, that’s for sure! Most of the sofas look horrid!

I’m seaching for a sofa myself right now and just came across your blog. I’ll be back 🙂

drey says:

almost 2 years on and your current one is unbelievably BETTER 🙂

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