Glam bam thank you Ma’am!

Posted on Mon, 27 Aug 2007 by midcenturyjo

Couldn’t stop at one post about Beale Lana (see post below). I almost titled this one “If I was another room”. This amazing foyer was their contribution to this year’s Kips Bay Show House. Stunning! And yes those are silver egg chairs!! Glam punk and a dash of high style goth meets classic antiques and surfer chic. What a sense of fun!

kim. says:

This is the most insane foyer with the most insane mix of furniture and accessories I’ve ever seen! How fun!! (And helloooooo black vinyl bench!!!)

Peggy says:

Oh those silver egg chairs, drool.

Jaime says:

sorry i have to say barf to this one!

Anonymous says:

“Ma’am” is the accepted spelling. I’m from the American South. Sorry! Not a fan of corrections!

kim. says:

Maybe that’s how Australians spell it . I’m kidding…but I’ll change it for ya Anon.

Hey that is the way we spell it in Australia! Some things are different in other countries 🙂 You can leave it as the correction if it bothers you that much.

katiedid says:

I am loving these guys! Maybe not everything would I use for myself, but sooo much fun to look at and get ideas from!

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