Who wants more retro?

Posted on Mon, 3 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

Another helping of retro interiors? I know you can’t say no. Some of this are so delicious but others are, how to put it politely, interesting……. Which ones are your favs? Images scanned from Living Rooms. Designing. Decorating. Furnishing. Lighting. Ure Smith, Sydney, 1978. Perhaps I should have called this one “Fabric, fireplaces and fashion”.

kim. says:

I love that first photo – as much as I hate carpeting, that’s such a great idea to carpet the riser to make extra seating. And the fabric in the second photo is so fun!

Anonymous says:

My favourite retro photo from this series is the fourth picture. I like the pattern on the wall, the hanging lamp, the chairs (I think my Mom had them when I was growing up), the fronds, and the overall colour range.

Speaking of the first picture, is that a conversation pit or a quasi-conversation pit? What in the world happened to conversation pits? Were they just an idea that never was incorporated into actual homes? I’ve never seen them in real life, but seen them in retro pictures here and there.

The fireplace in the fifth photo is beyond cool! Oh la la.

The wall treatment (?) in the seventh photo is very nice. What exactly is that?

You know what I notice about the pillows that are being used in these photos? Today’s pillowcases are similar takes on these retro ones.

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