Let’s do the time warp again

Posted on Mon, 10 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

It’s my favourite time of the week, retro time!! This week’s amazing pictures are scanned from The Complete Book of Decorating. An Illustrated Guide to Designing Your Home, Corinne Benicka, Lansdowne Press, Sydney, 1980. And before someone comments they are smoking in that conversation pit. Bad people but the cushions are divine!

kim. says:

These photos are some of my fav retro ones you’ve posted so far. I ADORE the carpeting in the first photo – what a great pattern. Love the green/yellow scheme in the 2nd and 4th photos and the wallpaper (and colour scheme) in the 9th. Retro fabulousness!!!

melissa says:

even if you could still argue that they may have been unaware that smoking was bad for you, what a fire hazard! honestly, it made me giggle! 🙂

jo-anne - vancouver says:

The shelving unit in photo 5 is gorgeous! A lovely place to fill up with all sorts of bits and pieces! My biggest question, my do so many retro photos make me dizzy? :o)

orangred says:

my fave day here too
(even more so bcuz i’m sneaking online @ work…5 mins here + there…two weeks of no home access due to puter + dsl probs…painful!…but any 70’s stuff, Jo, amid yer n Kim’s usual magic makes such short time extra sweet.)

i luv the yello n green + that crazy black, white, pink,silver bedroom.

I’m glad you guys like the retro stuff. Don’t worry orangred I have mountains of retro pics still to come to make your work days sweeter 🙂

Amara says:

I especially like the pink and green colour scheme – seems to be a pretty popular trend recently. Love it!

ns says:

I have that book 🙂 just love the retro style. I am making a blog too, i put some of your pictures, i hope you dont mind. the blog is for inspiration for my future house 😉

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