Moroccan interpretations

Posted on Mon, 10 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

As promised here’s Scott Weston’s take on the Moroccan riff. Best let him describe his ideas behind this amazing modern interpretation.

“Thought you may like to see our current project nearing completion in Sydney. It’s for the editor of Vogue Australia & has symbolic & graphic modern interpretations of Moroccan tile patterns throughout the home.

We have reinterpreted old palace tile patterns & they appear as strong graphic:
1. Linear components
2. Coved monochromatic bathroom walls & floor
3. Backlit suspended ceilings
4. Dado walls to the courtyard.

The project will be published in Vogue Australia later in the year when completed. These are my office photographs during the construction phase.”

Thanks Scott! It’s an inspiring space. I can’t wait to see the feature in Vogue magazine.

kim. says:

That tile work is incredible. I love the pattern in the bathroom and the gorgeous colours of the last 3 photos. (Thank you Scott for emailing these photos!)

Carrie says:

Maryam should do something like this at her place.

Arch says:

I love the gorgeous blue tiles and the pattern it forms with the grey & the light blue ones:-)

Thanks for sharing:-)


stunning!! can’t wait to see the finished project.

J Lee says:

wow. great tile work!
this is going to be one stunning space!


Dannie says:

Simple but beautiful. The patterns are pared back and modern but you couldn’t mistake it for anything but Moroccan inspired.

that pattern in the shower is one of the most inspirational things I have seen in a long time…..Great job!

Rach says:

The tiles in the bathroom are (correct me if I’m wrong) by an Italian producer called Bisazza. Glass Mosaics. Look it up, their stuff is amazing.

Anonymous says:

Scott said,

They are inexpensive glazed tiles & not bisazza.
We generated/reinterpreted the design pattern from the main square in Marrakesh.

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