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Posted on Thu, 13 Sep 2007 by KiM

The New York based architecture and design practice of Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown is Stellar (with a capital S). Their portfolio is breathtaking – filled with modern furniture, hits of bold colours and asian and other cultural influences. So once you’re done perusing the photos below, please pay their website a visit for many more glorious photos.

Peggy says:

OMG – so much to love here, I barely know where to start. Love the multicultural influences everywhere. First photo – most beautiful use of gold I’ve ever seen. And love that coffee table.

Fifth photo on left – love that mural and the mercury (?) lamp. Ninth photo on left – great use of multicultural icons. Asian bowls, mixed with cross. Amazing. And those lanterns! Gorgeous.

Bottom left – that cabinet! I wonder if it’s handpainted.

I am in love. This work is nothing short of astonishing.

orangred says:

undulating oatmeal stripes, mustard silky pillows + orange velvet…
art built in a headboard, everything else gently, lyrically curved, perfect….

if anyone could ever recommend northern california decorators working in a similar vein (to try and go to work for) i’d be most grateful.

Love these particularly the ethnic references. That second photo is amazing.

peter says:

Ummm… am I the only one who thinks the 2nd photo down looks like a crime scene?

Suzy says:

Great images, thanks for sharing!

definitely Stellar with a capital ‘S’… Good classy work, wish I could do something like this in India. Don’t find much work like this around here.

z says:

The red “drops” in second photo are flower petals.

I could so see David M. Mitchell photography in these spaces. Love the aesthetic!!

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