Holiday snaps!

Posted on Fri, 14 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

What do you do when you go on holidays? Relax by the pool, visit family, sightsee or shop to you drop? Now what do designers do when they go on holidays? They scour a city for anything design related, camera clutched tightly in hand. Susan Sera blogger extraordinaire and talented kitchen designer certainly had her camera at the ready during her recent family trip to Denmark. Susan promised a number of blogs to take photos while she was away. These are the ones she took for us. Not only has Susan a great eye she is an amazing photographer.

You may recognise the first photo. As a strange coincidence we posted about Atelier September while Susan was away. Her photos capture the store in all it’s faded glory. And here’s a little teaser of the other photos she sent. All will be revealed tomorrow when we wander through another Copenhagen store thanks to Susan. We also have some holiday snaps Greg Natale took while in L.A. recently. How come everyone’s on holidays except me?

P.S. Don’t forget to click on the photos. They are stunning supersized!!

kim. says:

Thanks again Susan for the gorgeous photos! (If it’s any consolation Jo, I haven’t had a holiday in ages.)

susan says:

Thanks ladies! It’s funny…everywhere I turned in Copenhagen, there is just one more thing more beautiful or interesting than the last.

Even the image of the floor, 7 down from the top image. I thought it was a fun shot of the floor pattern, the furniture legs and the shadows. But, that was much later…I really took the shot to document that painted floor color, the gray! I’m going to paint my floors somewhere in the house!

Copenhagen is truly a treasure trove for design (and photo) addicts. I think I need to arrange for a container next time!

Hey Susan you’re welcome!! So glad you offered to take some photos. I’m insanely jealous you get to travel to Denmark regularly. Can’t wait to post the remaining photos tomorrow. Our readers are going to LOVE them.

Anonymous says:

WOW – Gorgeous pics! I’d LOVE to shop in an environment like that! Why can’t the shops near me look like that!

kim. says:

Anon – I SOOOOO feel your pain.

Cher Ami says:

i really like the color of their walls! it looks great with that wood table in that 6th pic

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