Sightseeing with Susan

Posted on Sat, 15 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

So here’s the second installment of Susan’s holiday snaps. (See the first installment here.) Cogenhagen treasure trove fil de fer. I think Susan sums it up best on the note she attached to these photos, “This store is absolutely crazy. I’ve never ever seen such amazing things. I believe this Danish guy goes to France and everything is from France. I thought you’d enjoy this store, it’s very special.” Susan are you crazy? I don’t just like this store I love it! Imagine rumaging through here looking for inspiration. Once again click on the pictures to supersize! Thanks Susan for sharing your pictures.

susan says:

I’m telling you, you need to arrange for a container for that store! Do you see those square, clay pots? I’ve only seen them years ago in Atelier September, didn’t buy them, and then regretted it when I didn’t see them again, until now. We bought 3 this time, wrapped them carefully and they made the trip home!

Glad you enjoyed the pictures, I enjoyed sharing them with you!

kim. says:

Happy to hear something from this amazing store made it home with you – those clay pots are cute! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

Noah says:

This store is incredible. I wish there was something like that in NY!

Bhavna says:

Ooo…i now have itchy feet, itchy hands and an itchy money – all wanting to get out to travel to copenhagen, feel these beautiful things and buy them!

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