The Lawrence Group

Posted on Mon, 17 Sep 2007 by KiM

The Lawrence Group is an architectural, interior design and town planning firm based in St. Louis. Their work is impressive, particularly the bathroom and two residences featured below. I love the tile in the bathroom, the industrial kitchen (with more gorgeous tile) and the retro yellow chair.

And a TV in the bathroom! OMG! That always cracks me up. Seriously though great work. That white interior is so peaceful.

julia says:

That 2nd pic is to die for!

Anonymous says:

Gorgeous. And what a range of styles.

orangred says:

i love the translucent wall/shelves and jumbo bamboo wallpaper.
but i would so not want such pale cushions + couch on the ground without a real broom/mop cleanser scent fetish
(or yogic sitting +/moving meditation habits either).

frances says:

amazing chair! and i think i might like to have the only tv in the house by the bath…

Bhavna says:

Love the last two pics…it looks very similar to how my home looked when we had just moved in…almost no furniture to speak of, so we resorted to a lot of rugs and cushions on the floor 😉

Steph says:

Does anyone know where to find the giant bamboo wallpaper?

kim. says:

Steph, try googling bamboo wallpaper mural.

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