Wahoo! Retro time!

Posted on Mon, 17 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

This week’s retro treats are from Better Homes Decorating Ideas, Ruth Quatermaine, Meridith Publishing Company, 1967. My scanner has been running hot. True 60s inspiration or desperation. Love it or hate here’s your retro therapy.

Rodellee says:

Ooo lovely! I have this book too! Isn’t it terrific? I LOVE all the candy colored rooms.

kim. says:

These are all awesome except for the kitchen post. Those colours are a bit too odd for a kitchen. Love all the black and white prints (my fav).

Anonymous says:

Thank you for sharing these retro pictures. They are definitely a joy to look at, to admire, and to chuckle out of disbelief or ingenuity.

Can anyone describe what has been done to the bed covering for the white/black bed in the second picture?

Nice black and white bowl in the fourth picture.

Love the small yellow square pillows and the large ones in the fifth photo.

The seventh photo reminds me of the kind of lighting that can be given by those old school red light that you can turn on in bathrooms in motels back in the 1980s, which were used to heat up bathrooms. Does anyone remember them too?

Gosh, look at all of those neighbours gawking in the living room in the last picture?! I guess there was a bylaw not permitting constructions of ugly and unmatching fences.

Thanks for sharing these again. I look forward to the next round of retro photos!

orangred says:

OMG, U just re-kindled my yellow n grey bedroom scheme–that butterfly art, i might attempt.
i haven’t resisted adding touches of purple to the mix, however.

pic 9, dream dining room
(thank uuuuuu mc jo, 50’s–70’s pics, pounce!)

Xander says:

Those mod palms are pretty sweet! I wonder how my boyfriend would feel about me putting some up in the living room… -X

I really love when you post these shots they are so cool.

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