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Posted on Tue, 18 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

OMG! Keep this a secret amongst yourselves. Kelley Wearstler “Imperial Trellis” on ebay.

Citrine colourway 54″ wide x 84″ length here.

Green colourway 54″ wide x 46″ length here. Just listed and still many days to go so don’t get excited about the bargain basement prices. Both these pieces are quite flawed. I bid on this much better quality and much larger piece (54″ wide x 150″ length) a few days ago and this is how the auction ended……

Still a great price for 4.2 yards if you knew how much this fabric sells for (and to the trade only). It wasn’t me who won! Check out the rest of this seller’s items. One of my new favourites. I’m going to regret telling you I just know.
(I already do!!!)

Mélanie says:

so sad you haven’t won it !!!I want to cry ..

Anonymous says:

Can you explain why this pattern, which is cool but… is driving everyone so nuts? Its not some extraordinary weave or anything is it? Is it just the symbol of Kelly Wearstler? I’m really puzzled, not being sarcastic. Usually I can see some rationale for these things, but not this time. And I like the pattern, and the color, but not radically more than say Unika Vaevs mid century fabric which hasn’t sold in months on ebay.

Anonymous says:

I don’t get it either. The fabric is okay but nothing great. There’s this whole “KWID” (Wearstler) cult at work here.

(I will also be glad when we can stop saying “colorways” and just say “colors.”)

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