Robert D. Henry Architects

Posted on Wed, 19 Sep 2007 by KiM

Robert D. Henry Architects is located in New York and offers planning, architecture and interior design including lighting and furniture design. Unfortunately only 2 of the residences in their online portfolio include photos, but it is enough to demonstrate the talent of this firm. I love the cut-out reading nook – brilliant!

Peggy says:

Love the Asian touches. Also love the painting in the eighth photo.

AMR says:

Really clean-looking and beautiful. I love the yes (!) cut-out reading space, the low flip-down table, and the work that looks like a mass of pomegranate seeds on the wall. Ooh pretty!

Bhavna says:

Yikes! And I mean Yikes in a good way! 🙂 The reading cut out is such a creative idea!
…though I would have loved it to be near a window or something. And how about fidgety readers (like me) who toss and turn while reading…maybe for a change, I can try and fit myself in the place meant for feet 😉

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