Uri Ronen

Posted on Wed, 19 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

Tali emailed us with links to Israeli design. “I wanted to bring to your attention the existence of Israeli Design. In recent years, we’ve had a huge transformation in this branch in Israel. The Israelis were never known for their good taste. It’s a relatively new country, with no heritage of craftsmanship and art and for many years, interior design was considered to be ‘not important’ here. Most Israeli houses were not very decorative, and in many cases were simply tasteless…. That has radically changed in recent years….. (one link) is a site of a very talented young Interior Designer named Uri Ronen. His design is very modern, yet it retains the unique “Israeli Spirit” of warmth, lightness and homeliness.” Uri’s architecture and design practice is based in Haifa and if this is where architecture and interior design is heading in Israel then tasteless is a tag that won’t be used for long. Thanks for the link Tali!

kim. says:

Love the first 2 photos – they’re such bright, clean spaces. Thank you for writing to us Tali!

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