Lucas Allen

Posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2007 by KiM

Lucas Allen is an Australian photographer who specializes in interiors, lifestyle, still life, portraiture and fashion. His portfolio is worth a visit, but here’s a sneak peak of his talent.

Xander says:

Mm, I love the proportions of the yellow kitchen. Seems perfect for an afternoon of baking. His photo captures the warmth of the room nicely. -X

Anonymous says:

Its interesting, he uses rich color so well in the places photos. But on his site, when he shoots people or things, its mostly white with an object or person or two. I want the green wall. and the blue one.

Jaime says:

i want that bed!

I thought I left a comment before but I must have pushed the wrong button! Love his work and his website is great. I spy a “kooka” or kookaburra brand stove in the second last photo. Now that is an iconic aussie image.

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