Noel Jeffrey

Posted on Fri, 21 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

A giant on the American interior design scene Noel Jeffrey has woven his magic for more than three decades. Though he may seem a traditionalist he embraces all styles. Unashamedly high end and beyond the reach of most what can his work teach us? The the key is in the detail, that layering is luxury in itself and that the fun is in the extras. A bobble trim on a dining chair cover, diaphanous drapes on a bed, shades on your scones in your all too girly dressing room. You may not click with his style but you have to give more than a nod to his skill.

kim. says:

I am not a minimalist by any means but for me, these rooms have too much going on. I find it too distracting, and too ornate. But there are some great pieces in there, and alot of texture and warmth.

Sol says:

I am no expert but these rooms seem decorated by my grandmother. Which is not good.

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