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Posted on Sat, 22 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

Just an update on what’s going on with my UFOs (unfinished objects) at home. Not much!! My old dresser is now painted a teeth clenching green (I love it!) and my thrifting continues.

I’m playing with arrangements and buying things on ebay and at the thrift stores that I really don’t need but I really really have to have.

The ebay fabric may go on an ottoman and the birds were a great thrift shop find. My sister has returned some paintings that she has been “babysitting” for too many years now. I can’t complain though because she also transported the free table/desk that I found. It’s in my dining room at the moment and desperately needs a new paint job and some much chicer draw pulls. The artist’s mannequin at over 70cms gives me an excuse to hang some of my beads and looks happier in my place than in the thrift store where I found him.

I’ve framed my ISO50 prints in cheap Ikea frames but had some mattes cut to improve the look. No idea where they are going but I’m playing with vignette ideas already.

Finally I’ve been playing around with printing some of my drawings and hand colouring them with watercolours. I’m testing some ideas for an etsy store. I’ll keep you posted. I’m sorry to say that’s all I’ve got for you today. You see I’m rather busy. I’m finishing some upholstery.

Bhavna says:

eagerly eagerly waiting for your etsy shop Jo…:-)

kim. says:

I too am eagerly awaiting your Etsy shop and remind you not nearly as often to GET ON THAT. But I know you’ve been busy doing up your new apartment, and I can’t blame you. I adore the green of your dresser, and your paintings. And love your chair art. I’d buy it. 🙂

sukie says:

Where to begin! I love the green dresser. That print in the gold frame is so cool. Those ISO50 prints look great and I’m so jealous of your glass collection. Finally yes to an etsy store. I’ve checked your other drawings on flickr and there are a couple I really want. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous says:

Yes to an etsy store!!! I love the sneak peeks into your house Jo and Kim’s. Sorry to hear that you’re selling your house Kim.

kim. says:

Thanks Anon. It’s not definite yet that I’m selling but that just means a new house to decorate! YAY!!!!

Mélanie says:

Wonderful green dresser!!! I love it

american goods says:

I’m dying to know…what sort of paint did you use? How did you manage that lovely sheen? It’s just fantastic! I’ve got a dubious UFO of a bedframe screaming for high-gloss drama. Any suggestions on finish techniques? Thanks!

I used an oil based high gloss paint.I prepped first and filled all the chips etc with plastic “bog”, sanded then put on a coat of primer. Sanded again and first coat of oil based paint. I used a very expensive brand but was glad I did. It’s a high chroma paint so I think that helped produce the fabulous colour. No rushing. I waited a week between coats not the 16 hours recommended mainly because I could only do it on weekends. 3 coats in total, sanding with very fine sandpaper between coats. My secret though. I used a foam brush. I applied it with a brush to speed the process but smoothed it off with a foam brush (several) I got from an art store. They are not that strong and I went through several but the good thing is that I didn’t have to clean them up when I was done. It’s still not perfect but only here and there.

dean says:

i have those birds too 🙂
i have a feeling they were quite popular back then…

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