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I promised Kim a virtual holiday to take her mind off things at home. Something with cutting edge design and cats. Singita Game Reserves in South Africa and Tanzania run a number of stunning game lodges and tented camps. Kim we’re going to Kruger National Park in South Africa. Now to decide between the Singita Lebombo Lodge or the Singita Sweni Lodge. If you tire of watching the big cats there are plenty of other animals. Check out the website. One of the loveliest I’ve seen in a while. The lodges cover all styles and all activities, safaris, spas, ballooning over the Serengeti, fine wine and food. Don’t miss the guides’ diaries and the community projects. Beautiful!

Images from Singita

And the cats? Here’s a few of the regulars.

kim. says:

Oh my GAWD what I would give to stay there!!! What a magical place. It’s the fanciest tree house I’ve ever seen. I’m going to dream about that first photo all day.

Bhavna says:

Its the big cats this time! 🙂

In India, according folk lore, cat is the aunt (mother’s sister to be precise) of lions and tigers 🙂

Xander says:

I love the style of the lodge… especially the white linen and blonde reed of the top photo, and the dark woods and leather of the somewhat manlier lounge below.

I’ve always loved that corner of South Africa. Cape Town felt like home to me, but the bush of Kruger always evoked the romance and exoticism that drew me to Africa. It seems this lodge did a great job of capturing that feeling! -X

Love LOVE the photography here! Great post, Jo.

Um, WOW. I'd like to go there this afternoon, please.
be glam. live green.

purple says:

Wow, that looks really great. I love the images.

Simple is best. Now you may choose to disregard this comment as it doesn't ooze praise, but destroying the homes of thousands of GOD's creatures to build ONE for yourself doesn't seem very spiritually minded.
The only reason you have a homeless problem among the richest countries in the world, is because you destroy the world to build homes instead of living in the one home provided to us ALL.
A treehouse is a good example of building in, around and sharing your environment instead of paving over it…as is nomadic living in tents.
I'm hoping to inspire those who design all this useless stuff, into a shift from designing based on 'WANTS' into one based on 'NEEDS'.
That would help solve problems instead of contributing to them.
"I don't think i know…i just know i'm thinking."
your humble servant

banana^ana says:

That last kittycat would look great as a skin on my floor!! hahaha
Cool shots though.

Caesarz says:

Ancient Clown:
O how I agree! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!
O how I am having issues with hypocrisy lately! God’s creations and creatures are precious and should be respected in all way, shape and form.
THIS image tribute to the royal roaming cats and then in the next post we see a room draped in fur? What gives??? People don’t seem to get it!!!!

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