SPG Architects

Posted on Tue, 25 Sep 2007 by KiM

SPG Architects, based out of New York, is a twelve-person team of super-talented individuals. This firm has been awarded and published numerous times, and their design philosophy speaks volumes: “The designs are defined not by the ‘minimalist’ inclination to eliminate visible function from space, nor by the desire to expose the workings of a building. SPG’s work clearly presents a visual consistency based on human proportions, the exploitation of light, and the judicious use of materials that provide singular tactile and visual experiences”.

Lovely work! Leaning towards a minimalist line but still allows the client to own things. Truly modern with a nod to traditional.

sisterrae says:

Ooh, that’s great! Oddly enough, I have a dining table with the same base as the one in the third picture on the right – I wonder where that comes from?

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