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Posted on Tue, 25 Sep 2007 by KiM

My love for zebra rugs has existed for some time now, as I mentionned in a previous post. I’m talking FAUX zebra. Real zebra would be VERY WRONG. I have never owned a zebra rug but would so love to get my hands on one (or three). I love anything graphic and black/white is my favourite colour combination so zebra rugs are right up my alley. Here are spaces that…*sigh*…include a lovely zebra rug.

Arte Luise Kunsthotel Robyn Karp
Domino Riehl Designs
Jan Showers Domino
Glenn Gissler Jonathan Adler
Point Click Home Robyn Karp
studioilse India Mahdavi

This photo I had to include because the rug, while not zebra, is incredible in this space.

ethicaldilemma says:

Hi Madeleine:
i agree with you! TRUE faux rugs made with synthetic materials is best!! same with faux fur!! why harm animals? would it be different if a rug was made from pug or tabby hide? yikes!

Love this post.

sam says says:

Black & white is very chic but I do prefer a non-animal print. I like Yvonne’s striped design suggestion. I just *heart* animals too much to have something like this in my home. Bad bad bad energy.

Anonymous says:

Kim, a fellow animal lover, should know better.

I have been obsessed with zebra rugs lately. I am decorating our dining area in an African theme – I am from South Africa, so it’s not tacky. I like the one from Urban outfitters. Great price.

kim. says:

Ok folks – I don’t see a problem with a zebra print rug. I WOULD NOT EVER HAVE A REAL ONE IN MY HOME AND I’M NOT ADVOCATING REAL ANIMAL RUGS. If some in the photos are real, that’s too bad because they are good photos and we are here to post good photos. I would be honoured to have a zebra print rug in my home because they are one of the most beautiful animals.

ANYHOO – Happy March, an African themed dining room sounds fab. Feel free to send us photos of the finished product. 😉

gregory h. says:

holy smokes!
interesting debate.
i concur with these pro-animal rights peoples.
a zebra print rug:
real or cow faux???
still an animal was tortured for style.
beautiful in the wild not under a chair.

kat says:

thought you might like this zebra room in the residential protfolio in the NYC loft http://www.drakedesignassociates.com/

Rod says:

I don’t have a problem with zebra printed cowhide skins. Cows are not endangered, are used for beef, the leather that most of us have on our shoes, bags, belts, etc. and it has been this way for ages. Real zebras on the other hand are not used for much else and so I would not own an authentic zebra skin ever. To all those who do not condone any slaughtering of animals, I respect your opinion and hope you do mine. I personally think the zebra skin look is very chic looking. I am using one in my living room once the remodel is done to my house.

Sarah says:

I agree with Rod. Other great things about cowhide, too, are that it's durable, easy to clean and affordable. So many nice rugs are out-of-sight expensive. I recently purchased a cowhide rug for our transitional/contemporary home in bright green (!) and love the splash of color it adds. The place where I bought it had zebra and other animal prints as well http://www.rawhidecompany.com/Animal_Print_Cowhide_Rug_s/40.htm.

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