Some things from the 50’s you’ve got to love…

Posted on Fri, 28 Sep 2007 by KiM

…like the Chicago home of Jim and Kari. Jim found us through Blogger’s “Blogs of note” section and thought we might like to see photos of the 50’s home he and his wife are redoing. The photos he posted on his blog are so awesome I had to post them here. I am in the process of looking for a new home and if I came across something that looked like this I would drop dead (probably because I wouldn’t be able to afford it). So here’s a peek into Jim and Kari’s modernized 50’s pad.

kim. says:

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AMAZING!!!!! Can I move in 🙂

i love it!!! i wish my room was like that

Lena says:

really beautiful! love it all.

what is the counter top material?

The photos are taken well. Looking at these is very relaxing. How I wish I could have these in my own house…

But I definitely love the bedroom with a painting on the backside of the bed and the green bed sheet. I love green so much.

Hi everyone– thank you for the comments about our house. I thought I’d answer Lena’s question here: the countertops are Zodiaq quartz, which is a less porous and tougher surface than granite — they’re practically indestructible. And it comes in really nice colors.

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