Flickr finds – art wall

Posted on Sun, 30 Sep 2007 by KiM

Love a wall of art. Great work guys!! Not an easy thing to do well. And LOL I had postcard/poster wallpaper in university the first time round. Took ages to remove when I moved out of the dorm.

Mallipe says:

Even though I really don't have any talent at painting, it's always beautiful to whitness walls filled with paintings. Wish in my house there'd be images that actually made me feel something… Oh well.

brittny says:

i recently decided i wanted to be an interior designer. i wondered if maybe you could give me some tips on what i should study while here in college. your pictures are amazing by the way. they really inspire me!!!!!

Hannah says:

oooooo! I love it!

Renae says:

Nice, fun blog! You have inspired me to decorate something.

Be blessed!


kim. says:

Brittny, wish I could help you but I’m just a web developper with an interior design obsession. 🙂

GREAT collection!!!

Rachel says:

Wow I am inspired to go finish my walls – thanks!

Peggy says:

My favorite is the incredible wormy. Love the nonchalant, almost careless placement. I may steal that idea. Love how the art is not constrained by frames. You always find the most amazing flickr pics.

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