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Posted on Mon, 1 Oct 2007 by KiM

Hey everyone. Many bloggers have been wondering what has happened to Pink, of Pink Mohair and Casapinka blogs. Please pay both of her blogs a visit as I have just published posts on her behalf explaining her absence. Of course, in her honour I had to post some pink photos.

I am missing her terribly!

lsaspacey says:

Wow, you scared me with that, i was preparing for something really tragic. I had a feeling it was something with the job.

One question, “working locums out of town”, what does that mean? Are they moving and selling CasaPinka?

kim. says:

It looks like they are moving out of state. But this just means a new Casapinka and she can start all over again! Sorry to scare you Isaspacey – thankfully it’s not a tragic story.

katiedid says:

What a releif, but I am going to miss that house! Thankfully we will get to see Pink again though.

Aww … Thank you so much Kim for this update post, so glad you did, and to see your support – i’m inspired to read how great the blogging community is … I will most definitely come back for the December re-launch of Pink’s blog ..

Peggy says:

Thank you Kim and Jo. You are such inspirations.

Julia says:

Now where’s Terramia? Missing her design blog too?

julia says:

I meant I am missing her blog as well. No question mark needed there! Oops!
I type as I sip some hot chai tea!

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