David Loftus

Posted on Wed, 3 Oct 2007 by KiM

David Loftus. Photographer. No words but an audible gasp in delight.

jo-anne - vancouver says:

Oh my gawd – the 2nd last photo – the tub, the mirror….le sigh!

OMG OMG OMG! They’re works of art. Gorgeous.

christian says:

These are absolutely lovely! Testament to this is the fact that I know nothing about art, yet I find them so fascinating. I could stare at these objects of interest for hours.

Great job!

Can I use the tub photo on my soap blog? I usually have a featured tub on the sidebar. It is really gorgeous!!

Genevieve says:

Those first two are from a restaurant in NYC called Pravda. Not to be negative, but shots like these aren’t too difficult to get when the interiors are so well styled. These have little to do with the photographer and a lot to do with the rooms themselves.

kim. says:

Genevieve, often times that is the case, I just happened to find the photographer’s site before the stylist’s. And sure Joanna we just ask that you quote the sources (our blog and David’s site).

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