Posted on Wed, 3 Oct 2007 by midcenturyjo

Kim and I don’t do this much anymore but we were tagged by Erin from Design for Mankind to name 8 things we’re grateful for.

Kim’s 8 are:
1 – loving family and friends and my plethora of cats
2 – the best blog partner EVER
3 – supportive fellow bloggers
4 – Tim Hortons
5 – Starbucks latte
6 – Etsy
7 – “Eating for Life” by Bill Phillips
8 – skinny jeans and ballet flats

Mine are:
1 – my husband’s health is returning after a long and very trying illness 🙂
2 – the best blog partner EVER
3 – good friends
4 – that first cup of tea at 5.00am
5 – that my local thrift store hates everything I like so it’s always dirt cheap
6 – freedom of choice
7 – a good black pen and an empty page to draw on
8 – Irish whiskey after a hard day

The blog is doing so well at the moment thanks to all of you out there and that’s number 9 – you.

i love the rooms you chose to post…the colors and furniture compliment each other very well…im a first year student in interior architecture at UNCG…i love it!!

YAY! Thanks for playing, ladies! And Jo: sooo impressed that you can be thankful for ANYTHING at 5am!!!

Love to you both.

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