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Posted on Sat, 6 Oct 2007 by midcenturyjo

HELP!!!!! The UFOs are taking over. The fact that I have enough of everything is not stopping me from hunting down the bargains. But what bargains!!!!! The credenza was all of $39. There’s a lot of work and a couple of chips to fix and it is only veneer BUT it was only $39. Dining room or office?

The headboard (or bedhead as we like to call them) was a steal at $15 and will grace the master bedroom. Still deciding on a colour. The two cute bedside tables were bought a few weeks apart and were destined for the bedroom as well but now I want to use these……

A glass topped pair also thrifted and in the process of turning red! I’ll have to find a new home somewhere for the others. Or maybe I’ll leave the decision until the room is pulled together a bit more. So this is what I’m doing this weekend. Painting and procrastinating on which pieces where. Oh and praying for rain! We’re in the middle of a severe draught here on level 6 water restrictions with only bucket watering of plants. That’s why my poor little courtyard has only a few sad plants and a couple of blades of grass I’m struggling to keep alive. It better rain soon!!

Brissie Peta says:

Can’t believe you got that credenza for that little. I’m from Brizvegas too and I never find anything like that. Will you tell me your thrift stores so I can raid them too?

kim. says:

Looks like someone has put Jo in a tough spot. LOL. Jo, the red is gorgeous. But for some reason I’m loving the other 2 bedside tables a wee bit more. Dammit, if you didn’t live so far away I could take them off your hands. 🙂 The “bedhead” is an amazing find, and I think the credenza ($39????) should go in the office.

Peggy says:

Jo, I am cracking up. I know all about paint procrastination! The red looks great, but I am marvelling that you tood that project on. I’m way too lazy for latice work. I would probably try to spray paint that. Can’t wait to see it finished. Your projects always turn out great.

Love the credenza. Would you paint it high gloss chartruese and mail it to me?

I’ll pray for rain. Sorry for the naive question – is it hot there?

dsignjunkie says:

Dude where do you find this stuff. I never find stuff as cool.

Brissie Peta I would have to kill you if I told you. So for that reason dsignjunkie I can’t tell you either but there is a hint in the photos. Peggy having finished both now I’m thinking spraypainting is the way to go but I make such a mess. I may paint that credenza yet if I can’t fix the chips well enough. Kim I’m torn so it will be a last minute decision.

Apsu says:

good work… thks.

Leah says:

Oh my god, you always find the *best* stuff, Jo (and the best bargains)!

Can I fly there to go shopping with you sometime?



the lattice you painted red .. this is a side table base? as soon as i saw it i thought ‘what a fantastic hanging lamp shade’. but only if you put one of those massive round clear lightbulbs inside!
i’m new to your site .. so i’m excited to see your other projects.

JO! Great finds!! I’m loving where the master bedroom is going (from what I can tell!) and HOW awesome would this barcart look with all of your lattice work?:


LOVE it.

lovely finds!

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