Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on Mon, 8 Oct 2007 by KiM

Just wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers. Especially to those who ate turkey last night like I did and are waking up looking for leftovers, only to discover someone got to them first and now there’s nothing left except some veggies and a small mound of potatoes. 🙁

I always wondered if Canadians ate turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner too! 🙂

Great site.

Karotts says:

too funny, the lusty lady is a block from my work!

Jeff says:

I didn’t realize I left some potatoes! But the leftovers were amazing 🙂

Ahh, that picture brings back some memories. (Not that I was there, but that I lived nearby.)

kim. says:

Wow – the Lusty Lady seems to be a popular place! And Jeff, I don’t imagine you did leave potatoes. That would be a first.

gretch0r says:

Yay! The Lusty Lady! Sometimes I miss home. 🙂

So that’s why there are no photos of the turkey. Someone ate it all!

Nutshell says:

Your photos all look so beautiful!

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