Colour – because white is too easy

Posted on Tue, 9 Oct 2007 by KiM

I have nothing against white. But white is boring. Life is too short to be boring. I think every room needs a splash of colour somewhere…it doesn’t have to be bright, but something to give warmth and energy to a room. On this note, here are some examples of rooms with lots of bold colour, not exactly on the pale side.

Zoom Home Point Click Home
I-Beam Point Click Home
Comma Zoom Home
L’Internaute Point Click Home
Marie Claire Maison Marie Claire Maison
Marie Claire Maison Jamie Drake

Sabine says:

I love using bright color to decorate, and it is so wonderful to see such inspiring pictures. So glad I stumble across this blog today, and I’ll definately add a link here on my blog!

jo-anne - vancouver says:

What a lovely collection of photos! The second last one is my fave.

meaganob says:

I especially like the room in all turqoise! :] I like plain white, but it is nice to see some color!

Christin says:

I like the colors, too. They are vibrant and inviting!

Meera says:

Some of the designs are really good,like Marie Claire Maison,and Zoom Home. I like them!

OMG your rooms are SO excellent!
I wich my house was as cool as that. I love the vibrant colours and such originallity of your rooms!


An anonymous comment has been removed. There was nothing particularly wrong with the comment. They did not like the rooms etc etc. It has beeen deleted because as a negative comment it had no name attached. A name must be attached. Own up to your views! Although it was up for several hours before it was deleted and had a reply it has now gone. Own your views guys if you want to stay in the comments. Housekeeping

AphroChic says:

I think an appreciation for both white and color is important. Sometimes we forget that white is a color, and with layers and texture the color white can create a beautiful home. I do love these colorful photos too. Definitely nothing boring here. A great post.

I just love the lamp in the Living Etc shot! Orange is my color of the moment…

wow,simply beautiful, everything looks like a painting

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