Kirsten Hinder

Posted on Wed, 10 Oct 2007 by KiM

Kirsten Hinder is a photographer from Stockholm. The fact that she’s Swedish will become obvious once you see the photos below from her portfolio. Those Swedes love white.

Love her photos and love the rooms!

Jessie says:

OH NO NOT WHITE!!!!!! lol kidding. Love it all. I need someone to take GOOD photos of my rooms. 🙂
(maybe I have some swedish in me?!)

kim. says:

LOL – Jessie, you are Scandinavian at heart judging from the photos of your new living room.

S says:

Love the clean lines. I’ve been trying to simply my own life by simplifying my home – these photos are a good inspiration!

P says:

Beautiful photos, beautiful interiors. But I’m pretty sure she’s a Canadian (living in Sweden)

WOAH! That fireplace is wonderful!

purple says:

You’re absolutely right, we do love white!!

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