Dexter Hodges

Posted on Thu, 11 Oct 2007 by KiM

Dexter Hodges is an American photographer based in Barcelona who has been photographing interiors and architecture since 1990. Such beautiful light…the spaces appear magical.

My turn to say wow! Fabulous work. He handles light so well. Extra credit points for the black labs!!

Peggy says:

The colors in that first shot are totally fab. As I try to photograph my place, I am forming a deep appreciation for photographers. It’s much more difficult to photograph an environment beautifully than it seems.

It really is amazing how in each photo he uses light in a different way to highlight the strength of the designs.

Mia says:

Absolutely beautiful shots. Everyone likes and can appreciate beautiful things, I must say you inspired me.

jo-anne - vancouver says:

You should have heard the little squeak I let out when I saw the first photo – what gorgeous colours!

JHAYNE says:

yes, gorgeous photography. . .but those to pups are adorable! i absolutely love that shot. and of course, the art, black/white and type, you know me! 😉

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