Flickr finds – chaises

Posted on Sun, 14 Oct 2007 by KiM

summerinbrooklyn safetysession
Kjerstin Designs by Flavia
jasher_md dizaynlog
stewf y_okaue
drpritch slubird
Poldavo (Alex)
bad bad magpie JoeBehrDenver

*A little side note: I am putting my house up for sale this Wednesday so things are a little crazy here. I’m hoping to be able to find some time to get posts done for the week. If not, Jo will be posting as usual. (I’m so lucky to have a blog partner). So if I don’t answer any emails this week or if my posts are brief or non-existent, it’s because I’m vacuuming for the 324th time.

Good luck, Kim! The “Everything Has To Be Perfect” portion of homeselling is hard! Hope it sells really quickly!

324th time vacuuming!!!! OMG you’ll wear out the floor. Good luck Kim. So no time this week to find fabulous flickr pics like these?

I love chaises–I saw the most fab double wide chaise at Home Goods the other day…if only I didn’t live in a tiny apartment!

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