Kim Cornelison

Posted on Thu, 18 Oct 2007 by midcenturyjo

We say over and over again when we feature a certain photographer’s work that we love their use of light or their depth of field or their composition or any myriad of things. Basically we just really admire their body of work and their amazing talent. It’s the case with Kim Cornelison. I love her work, not just the interiors, all of it! Take the time to check out her website. Inspiring!!

erinn says:

I think I over-saturated my eyes and mind with images of interiors both in blogging and at work so I haven’t really been inspired in awhile (not that everything out there isn’t totally amazing…just a personal phenomenon), but her work just knocked me over this morning. Thanks Jo!

kim. says:

Yes, thanks Jo!!! The spaces in these photos are amazing. I ADORE the first photo – LOVE the green brick wall. AND OMG the blue/white wallpaper in the hallway photo is to die for.

Chelsea says:

Love these.

I want that oversized kitchen calendar. Desperately.

I like this yellow cupboard – I have never seen anything like this before. It is so elegant..

Anonymous says:

Just a heads up that some of the work you are commenting on such as the yellow cabinet and interiors with the green brick wall was created by David Anger – stylist and myself, Jessica Thomas – art director. We had a great time creating the material and Kim is a wonderful photographer. Glad you like our work.

Anonymous says:

love these photos! the blue and white wallpaper is just wonderful. anyone know where this is from?

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