Flickr finds – rattan chairs

Posted on Sun, 21 Oct 2007 by KiM

My bad, it seems I forgot to add Lori Pickert’s gorgeous photo of her rattan chair, which I have since added below. Thanks for the link Lori!

Four Chairs treasureup
inisheil tuqpiruq
Catskills Grrl .Amy.huimei98.
ksd_raju1 lakehouserentals
lintitana sfgirlbybay
tim domestique yiksau

Are you pining for summer already Kim? Love rattan chairs particularly those 2 in the second last photo.

kim. says:

Nah, well, ok YEAH. I just love rattan chairs. But it was in the 20s today so I could have been lounging on one in my backyard.

hey, you forgot mine! ;^)

kim, i laughed out loud when i clicked back to this & saw my chair. you realize you’re just encouraging me, right? ;^)

dean says:

i am SO glad you posted this!

i’ve been on the hunt for a pair of chairs like sfgirlbybay’s…i finally found one at a flea market last week, but am still looking for another! do you know the history of this style of “hoop” or “circle” chair? who made it or what it’s called?

i’ve just run into dead ends all around…

kim. says:

I don’t really know the history of that chair Dean but I suggest you search on eBay for rattan and wicker chairs and see what comes up. I just did a quick search with “rattan hoop chair” and a really nice one was on the top of the list. Sorry I’m not more help.

dean says:

🙂 thats so funny– i’ve been searching ebay for a while now, and the one week i didnt check, you happen to find one! ebay’s usually my first source…

thanks! as always, you guys are amazing, keep it up…

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