Dog on a couch

Posted on Thu, 1 Nov 2007 by KiM

Thanks to Zee of Homebug for her shout out to our ‘dog on a piece of furniture’ post. I said post but that should really be plural because it’s becoming almost a regular feature here. So here’s Zee’s ADORABLE contribution:

Now this is just too gorgeous! I want your dog!!

gilda says:

everytime i see your pictures i get really upset that my room is so ugly. i need to really find time to dress it up!!! (i moved into it like 2 months ago but have really had no time)

zee says:

Yikes! What a surprise to see our little pooch on Desire To Inspire! Thanks so much!!!

Pethra says:

Beautiful dog! ALMOST as beautiful as Venus, my dalmatian, whom you can see in some couch pictures here;

My blog is in Swedish, but the pictures universal. 😉

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