A husband’s photography talent

Posted on Fri, 2 Nov 2007 by KiM

We received a really sweet email the other day from a reader who wanted us to share her husband’s talent with other DTI readers. Here’s what she wrote:

I am Issa Feliciano from Pampanga, Philippines. My husband Paolo, has recently put up an online portfolio at www.paolofeliciano.com. I would like to share with you his work and hopefully, you can feature him on your site as well. Mostly he does furniture and interior design photography. Here in the Philippines, the province of Pampanga is a major exporting hub for everything furniture. Everything that you will see in his photos have been hand made in the Philippines, including most of the accessories. Pampanga, Philippines has really an abundance of talent and I hope through your blog, we can share this God-given gift with the world.

Paolo’s photography is stunning, and a big thanks to Issa for wanting to share his work with us.

I love seeing interiors from other parts of the world. Paolo’s photographic work is great as is the Filipino furniture he has captured.

I love this post, especially cause it hits home, being Canadian Filipino it’s great to see the hard work and talent from my home country be featured … thanks kim for the post! … Can’t wait to see more of his work. You 2 are the best! It’s so great to read your blog when I need a boost of inspiration! Hope your enjoying your weekend … and are warm (hmm – would love to be in a tropical oasis, sure beats this cold wet weather in Vancouver)

Thanks Kim and Jo for the post! 🙂

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