Election time in Australia

Posted on Wed, 7 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

Yes we’re in the middle of a protracted election campaign in Australia. Still 2 weeks until election day. I don’t want to show political bias so I thought I’d do a post that combined both major parties, the Liberals (right wing) blue and the Labour Party (left wing) red. So without further ado the red and blue room post!

Alexandra Rowley Roger Davies
John Gruen Michael Grimm
Roger Davies Quentin Bacon
Barbel Miebach Tria Giovan
Daniel Farmer Sandra Lane
Eve Robinson Oliver Burns Interiors

And mustn’t forget the Greens who will probably hold the balance of power in the Senate.

Take the time to check out these super talented photographers’ sites. I’ll be singing their praises in detail soon.

kim. says:

I looooooooove the chaise in the first photo, and all the colours in that space. Very yummy.

Anonymous says:

John howard is a stupid old mole… nuff’ said.

Jessie says:

I really like the last photo. Red and blue look so pretty together if done right. I like all the images. Cute post. lol

Bhavna says:

ha ha..this is so much fun, and very creative Jo! I never thought politics will find its way through to a design blog 😉

Red is my fav colour at the moment *wink wink*

Seems like you and I have similar tastes apryll annie 😉

Jo, you are a classic – what a great post!!
If only elections were as lovely as these pics.
The Greens at the end make me laugh!!!

My favorite picture (not party) is the first aqua & red striped sofa!!!

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