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Posted on Thu, 8 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

More arrangements of all things art, prints and even plates. More the merrier!

Annie Schlecter Alexandra Rowley
Megan Morton Pieter Estersohn
Paul Whicheloe Cindy Ray
Betty Wasserman Sue Rohrer
Earl Carter Jackson Aaron
Jackson Aaron Noel Jeffrey

Nathalie says:

Hello Kim & Jo 🙂
i know its out of subject since the post talks about art, but would you know what fabric is used on the sofas on the Annie Schlecter image ? ( i love it )

kim. says:

That fabric is awesome nathalie but I don’t know who makes it. Maybe someone out there has the magazine that photo was in (I think I do but can’t remember which, and I don’t have time to look before going to work) where it might mention where the fabric came from. Anyone?

blogger says:

I love framearrangements like that!
they are really great!

josiebird says:

i love this post! have been looking for images for a post on things “well hung” and would love to borrow some of these, if it is ok!

kim. says:

Sure josiebird – but I gotta say that when I read the words “well hung”, I almost spit up my dinner. Now THAT is classic. 🙂

Jessie says:

I am so glad that you guys post about “hanging art”. I think its hard to come up with ideas for the right placement of artwork and pictures. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

Very inspirational pics. Many of the arrangements still seem to keep a clean minimalistic feel – even with a number of works of art being displayed

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