Dog getting off a chair

Posted on Sat, 10 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

“No Jo, no photos! No. Go away. What if I use this pillow to hide? Oh god still at it! I won’t stand for this. I’m going. I warned you. No!” Thank you Mickey the wonder dog.

kim. says:

Mickey, you are so damn cute. And momma lets you on her newly recovered chairs??? You LUCKY DOG…just don’t slobber!

Danny says:

I like your dog I like your blog too

orangred says:

hi Kim + MCJo,
i’ve been just lurking (bcuz of an ongoing home computer funk; just sneaking online a bit at my hospital workplace, without getting the evil eye/busted, is all i can do), thoroughly enjoying this blog as usual though.

Hey orangred! Good to hear from you. Sneaking peeks at work? Naughty girl 🙂

Anna says:

What a cute dog and what a cute sofa – it looks so fab Jo and the cushions are devine!!

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