De Lisle, Philpotts and Staub

Posted on Tue, 13 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

De Lisle, Philpotts and Staub sounds like a venerable law practice but it’s actually a fabulous interior design firm based in San Francisco and Honolulu. “Neither traditional nor contemporary, our perspective is modern in the sense that function and comfort paired with graceful and spirited design are key to a successful interior.” Too many wonderful rooms featured on the website. Take time to check them all out. Colour, glamour, minimalism, ethnic, traditional and fantasy. It’s all there and all amazing!

Nathalie says:

great interiors !

kim. says:

I’m not sure about many of these photos – they are kind of odd spaces. I got excited when I saw the black walls in the 4th photo, then wondered why they would use brown couches. The bird decals are creepy, and what’s up with the evergreens in the dining room? WEIRD. I DO however like the hits of yellow in the grey/white living room photo.

Nathalie says:

Kim i didn’t understand what you meant when you said the birds where creepy so i had a closer look on my screen and you re right, they look a bit like angry birds ready to attack:) none of these rooms would be my style but i like the messiness of them if you know what i mean… they are so different from the ” safe ” interiors … I wouldn’t have a tree in my sitting room but i admire someone who would…just to go a bit crazy:)

I love these rooms. Is it just that they’re so different from the safe designs we’re so used to seeing? What struck me most was the use of pink – and I know what kim means about the use of black and fuschia with brown, but somehow for me it worked. Adventurous! But I love an element of fantasy in decor – especially the addition of a potted palm. It’s such an excellent escape from the work world.

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