Flickr finds – craft rooms

Posted on Sun, 18 Nov 2007 by KiM

I always love your flickr finds Kim and I really love these workspaces. Oh to be THAT organised!

What an inspiring series!

Valentina says:

i love these rooms too. well coloured and organized!

Anonymous says:

Any word on where I could get the poster that says, “Keep Calm and Carry On”? I think I’m in love…

Anonymous says:

There’s two options for buying the Keep Calm poster.

sfgirlbybay hand silkscreens a reproduction of it in a few lovely colors. You can order one at

Or, you can order one from Barter Books in the UK. That’s where I got mine. It took less than a week to get from the UK to Texas – amazing. You can order it here:

They also have the full history of the poster, found here:


kim. says:

Thanks anon#2 for the info for anon #1!!!

The space of Monkey & Bean feels so relaxing. Love the color of the wall.
fixerupper and jigabugbaby also have great spaces. I envy them all. This is certainly my next project.

Anonymous says:

I loved your blogFirst time I came but I'll be back.

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