The new must have – greenery

Posted on Tue, 20 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

Have you noticed that house plants are back? Not just your designer orchid but potted plants. Even bunches of flowers are being replaced by leaves and branches. I haven’t seen this much greenery inside since the 80s and it’s a trend I’d love to see continue. I’m currently tending three maiden hair ferns in my bathroom and all four of us are loving the group showers. OK too much information.

Caldwell-Beebe Aimee Herring
Steven Randazzo Arbogast Design
Arbogast Design Annie Schlecter
Kim Cornelison Steven Randazzo
Sacha Dunn Cindy Ray
Tria Giovan John Gruen

P.S. Why this post now? I came home to find that my body corporate had cut down a 60 year old tree that overshadowed my courtyard. Why? Because we are suffering a very serious drought here and the tree roots had found their way into the pipes. Sad that the cheapest option was chosen. It’s an ugly scar now. Bye bye tree.

tricia says:

the last picture with the glasses and moss(?) and herb-thingy hanging out is beautiful. could those plants really grow like that? it would be so lovely if they did. any idea?

kim. says:

Tricia, there are some plants that survive without being watered because they live off the moisture in the air. (I’ve seen “air ferns”). Great for people who can’t keep plants alive. And sorry to hear about your tree Jo. That’s sad. It’s been POURING here for hours, wish I could send you some of the rain.

drey says:

ouch about the tree jo. while the drought is really bad over here, large established trees (of the non branch falling gum tree type) are like gold!

i always have needed live plants in the house.

air plants are an idea huh!?

Hi Kim, hmm i cant say i'm into greenery , the only ones i like are bamboo..for now…but plants are good for many reasons obviously. 🙂

Anonymous says:

There are other ways to get tree roots out of a septic system. Some of them are cheaper than cutting a tree down, such as using pipe a tree root doesn’t get into, or (probably also a nono, certain chemicals in the pipes). Could you get permission to plant a deeper rooting variety in place of the old one? Even if it will take 60 years to look the same.

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