Bockman Forbes + Glasgow

Posted on Thu, 22 Nov 2007 by KiM

The architecture and design firm of Bockman Forbes + Glasgow are masters of mixing the old with the new. Modern with traditional. It’s my favourite combination, because it’s unexpected and exciting. “The studio’s design philosophy adheres to modern spatial relationships, a graphic silhouette, a refined use of materials and a strong, sophisticated color palette. Whether combining a cherry-red Regency chandelier with a Saarinen lounge chair or refinishing a classical column in white lacquer, it’s the Studio’s unique ability to reinterpret the classics that give all their projects that “wow” factor.”

h&b says:

w0w !

When can I move in and impress my friends ??

frances says:

love the stairs! and the long hallway!

beth says:

I read your blog every day and always see a room or two that I love. Congratulations on your great style!

kim. says:

I love the stairs too, and thanks beth!

Ditto on the stairs but the deer head over the bed is a bit freaky. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and …..

Nathalie says:

I Love the numbers on the stairs !

Peggy says:

I remember a couple of those rooms from a decorating magazine. They were from a home in New Orleans that I absolutely adored. I prayed during Katrina that home and inhabitants had survived. Does anyone know?

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